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The way healthcare should be.

Full Circle Chiropractic strives to do what we do best: provide natural and affordable healthcare; because that's the way we believe healthcare should be! 

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Family Wellness Care
Care for Pregnancy, Infants and Children
Care for Seniors
Care for Auto and Work-Related Injuries
CDL/DOT Medical Certificate Examinations
Student Sports Physicals

Chiropractic Subluxation Adjustments
Extremity Adjusting Procedure
Adjustment of Back and Neck
Physical Examination
Wellness Examination

Dr. Betty Sutliff is a native of the Desert Southwest. She graduated high school in the Gallup area and began her undergraduate work at NMSU. She graduated from Life College of Chiropractic (now Life University) located in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1995.

Next, she returned to the Desert Southwest to obtain licensing in AZ (1995) and NM (1996). Dr. Sutliff maintained a private practice in metro Phoenix from 1995 to 2009. Then she returned to the home of her youth, Gallup, in the summer of 2009, and opened her current facility. She lives locally with her family and enjoys the local community and culture.

Meet Dr. Betty


My mom took me to the medical doctor after passing out on the school bus for no apparent reason. They poked, prodded and tested. Nothing . . . no reason why. Mom happened to be going to her chiropractor later that day. It was then, at about 12 years of age, that I received my first chiropractic adjustment . . . from Dr. Goforth. Unbeknownst to me at the time, my life changed in ways that I could never imagine. In the beginning, he changed my life physically. He and chiropractic changed the reverse curve in my neck, reduced my scoliosis, and took away all the pain of my sports injuries. Later, I had the opportunity to learn from him. He encouraged my growth in chiropractic, my journey to chiropractic school, and my place in the healing circle of life. I learned about chiropractic, the innate healing power of the body, and the gift of giving oneself.

I ventured away from my roots in this small town on a new path in life that took me far away, for more than 20 years. During that time I studied, I learned, I grew, I experienced, and I helped people. Now I have returned to the home of my youth, nearer family and my roots in chiropractic. To now glean once again from the wisdom and knowledge of Dr. Goforth, in life and in chiropractic. To serve a community I grew up in. I have come home. My heart’s desire is to now serve as my mentor has served . . . with passion beyond measure.

full circle. 

I have truly come . . . 

A little more about me . . . 

A little more about me... 

Your First Chiropractic Visit

We will review your health history and take a further history of spinal impacts, including auto-accidents, work, recreational and sport injuries, along with the details of your current work and daily activities and lifestyle factors.

Your examination will include a gait analysis, a thorough evaluation of posture, spinal palpation, range of motion and any necessary orthopedic or neurologic evaluation. These tests will help determine if subluxations are affecting your health and function.

If subluxation(s) (misalignment) of the spine are present, you will receive a corrective spinal adjustment to begin the healing process. This is done primarily by hand in our office, but other adjustive tools and therapies may be used as your condition dictates.




About Pain

Back Disorders
Back Injuries
Back Sprain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Head and Neck Conditions

Shoulder Pain
Sports Injuries

Herniated Disc
Lower Back Injuries
Neck Injuries
Neck Muscle Strain
Neck Pain

* (Not Due to Disc Displacement)

Conditions Chiropractic May Help

Pain’s purpose is good. It is the symptom, not source, of things gone wrong in the human body. Without it, we could not seek proper treatment for the illnesses or injuries we experience. Pain helps us maintain health and minimize injury, but can sometimes occur long after its purpose has been served. Maybe you have experienced broken bones from an accident that occurred years ago, but are still haunted by reoccurring pain. Ongoing pain experienced in the body is referred to as Chronic Pain. Ongoing pain can be debilitating, preventing you from enjoying the activities of your daily life.


The primary causes of chronic pain are improperly healed injuries, long-term diseases and nervous system injuries. Whatever the case, ongoing pain is caused by some sort of unresolved healing. The goal of chiropractic pain management is to locate unresolved pain sources and provide resolution to them as quickly as possible.


All chiropractic visits provide spinal adjustment treatment because pain messages take place primarily between the brain and nerve receptors in the spine. Pain is often caused by dysfunction in muscles and joints caused by injury to either the muscles/joints themselves or to their nerves. Chiropractic services are especially effective in restoring functionality to muscles and joints and in treating nervous system injuries.

Chiropractic Pain Management

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I've seen chiropractors since my teen years. However, I have yet to meet a better, more compassionate, knowledgeable, or family friendly chiropractor than Dr. Betty Sutliff of Full Circle Chiropractic. Dr. Betty has cared for my family for nearly a decade. She's kept me walking through the worst backaches of pregnancy. She's adjusted my babies when they were born. If they had colic, an adjustment never failed to bring relief. She's helped to speed the recoveries of my 4 children through colds, ear aches, and sprains. She's helped my husband recover from the strains that a sedentary job places on your back. Whenever we had to move or do home construction, we knew we could rely on her to fix whatever injuries we incurred. Because of Dr. Betty, chiropractic has become a regular part of our family's preventative health care. She's a blessing to our family and we are so grateful for her!


Our entire family has been blessed by the hands and care from Dr. Betty! From chronic back pain to numerous sports injuries, Dr. Betty has provided our family with much relief! Through the years we have referred friends and family to her care. We will continue to do so as long as she is in business.


I love going to the chiropractor! Everyone is so nice there and I always feel better after an adjustment. Thank you for taking care of me, Dr. Betty. 


In January 2017, I shoveled snow for 3-4 hours. I started not feeling well the day after. At first, I thought it was just soreness kicking in. Not so, I started feeling fatigue and I felt like I was carrying a very, very heavy load on my shoulders. No one believed me when I shared how I was feeling. It got to the point where I could not get up in the morning, couldn't walk up and down stairs, staggered when I got up to walk, and lost interest in a lot of things which caused me to feel depressed. One Day a colleague of mine asked how I was doing; telling him my story he recommended to see a chiropractor. I asked for the best in the Gallup area for chiropractic services. My sisters informed me of Full Circle Chiropractic. I could not imagine how I felt the day after my first visit. After suffering for a whole year and 3 months with numerous hospital visits I finally felt relieved of all the pain and unhappiness in my life. The heavy load was gone and I felt lighter. After 3 weeks of chiropractic service I am able to walk up stairs. No more staggering and I am a lot happier.  Thank you Betty for your wonderful service and your caring words of encouragement.